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People have been coming to Lasko Thermal Spa since immemorial time. Roman legionaries, missionaries from the middle Ages and in the XIX century the Austrian-Hungarian have all came in search of health.
Not so long ago, the Lasko Thermal Spa and Healt Resort was a well known centre for medical rehabilitation, and now on the basis of this it has developed in a centre for health tourism intended for people who have difficulties with movement and those who wish to avoid such problems.
The Thermal Spa Lasko is situated in the middle of a beautiful park, beside the river Savinja, near the old town and the hills that invite people for stroll.
The architectural design of the Thermal Centre Lasko hasn't found any obstacle and has equipped the Spa Centre with aids for all those with limited mobility.
The natural resources of the Thermal Spa Lasko are the isothermal springs with a temperature from the 32oC to the 35oC.


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