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Macedonia, with its strategic position, is situated in SouthEastern Europe and the centar of the Balcan. 25.713 km2 and population of 2.015.000 inhabitants. Macedonia is divided up into regions which are Central Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia, West Macedonia. The capital city is Skopje. Lots of forests, lakes and agricultural fields. Longest river is Vardar, with 388 km. long, where as 301 km. are in Macedonia. Lakes are also national beauty of the country. In summer, Ohrid lake, Prespa lake and Dojran lake atract a huge number of visitors. Not only in summer, but this little country will make your winter stay a wonderful experience. Pelister, Sar Planina, Mavrovo and Bistra will be places You should be looking for in winter. Highly ranked hotels, ski tracks and more, would be a real chalenge for every ski enthusiast.
Macedonia is a treasury of cultural wealth. The Slavonic alphabet was born in Macedonia, where the Macedonian educators Cyril and Methody, and Clement and...


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