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The natural Park of Blidinje is located in the centre part of the nigh mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It's spreads along three counties: Posusje, Tomislavgrad and Jablanice.

The natural park was established on April 30th in 1995. The most significant figure in the whole area of the park is for sure the Lake Blidinje. The lake is a result of a local farmer's intervention who had not enough water for their flock, so for preserving the water they closed the outgoing flows with tree branches and in this way they shaped a lake that today became the most known lake in all the area.

As a part of the park there is a sports and recreational centre Risovac.  The main ski centre it's located on the slopes of the mountains Vran and Čvrsnica on a 2228 m/as highness. Even if the ski centre is present only few years it's very nicely arranged and all the guests can use a...


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