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There is a special sense of contact with nature and an ecological tourism that connects in a particularly special way the forests of the outskirts with the Thermal Centre Dobrna.
A thermal water source was discovered in XII century.
The health centre is encircled with a calming green and a tree-lined avenue which has on its side’s old chestnuts trees of older than 200 years.
The health and thermal centre in the XIX century has begun to develop and persons of world-wide reputation like Luigi Bonaparte, grandson of Napoleon Bonaparte have begun to visit it.
Nowadays the Thermal Spa Dobrna is the ideal place for who wants to escape the daily chaos and to find peace and the tranquillity in a place where is possible to use the most modern services.
The natural resources of the Thermal Spa Dobrna are the thermal water with the temperature of 36oC to the source and organic and inorganic mud (compressed...


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