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On the south east part of Slovenia, near the Novo Mesto city are located the Smarjeske thermal spas. Surrounded by green woods and meadows. The Smarjeske thermal spas are offering a peaceful neighbourhood in which you will easily relax.

Like the other thermal spas these also are located on the source of the thermal water. A speciality of these thermal spas is an old woody pool that is built upon the thermal water source which temperature is 32°C. The water is rich of calcium, magnesium and sodium. Except the woody pool on guest's disposal are 4 pools with thermal water, two indoor and two outdoors.

Inside the centre is located a new built complex of sauna park (Turkish, Finland, roman), baths (relaxing, perfumed, regenerative) and solarium. In the centre are offered a wide range of beauty programs with or without combination with other contents.

In Smarjenske thermal spas are specialised in treatments that improve the life...


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