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Kreuzfahrten nach Europa

Europe is a mix of different states, cultures and customs, and is a very attractive tourist destination. That's why European cruises offer you the opportunity to get to know the beautiful Norwegian fjords, the volcanic landscapes of Iceland, polar light, different architectures, beautiful sights and even better food. On this trip you can reach all the way to Nordkapp, one of the northernmost parts of Europe, a place that divides only one island from the North Pole, located on a 307-meter high cliff.

In the summer months, a great number of visitors visit this area, because here you can enjoy the midnight sun, a natural phenomenon where the sun is visible 24 hours a day. One of the cities you can visit on this trip is the city of bridges and Beatles Hamburg. It is not only one of the largest ports in the world, Hamburg is the city of many cultural attractions. It is a city with more than 2500 bridges, a town of numerous churches and theaters, a museum, the city with the largest city in the miniature world.


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