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Agrotourism in Istra is a specific type of tourism where the leading motive of travelling is a return to nature.

The beginning of agritourism reach deep in history when only rich people,  from towns, could afford themselves to have a vacation which most of the time was on a countryside visiting friends and family. Today the rural tourism became a modern phenomenon and even if this area is still developing it attracts more and more tourists in Croatia and in the whole World.

Agritourism represents a vacation in peaceful and greenness surroundings first of all, along with enjoying homemade gastronomic specialties. For the lovers of this type of tourism the accommodation is offered in small family run hotels, private houses, apartments and rooms surrounded with big  manors,  located in the inner part of the Istrian peninsula - the so called Green Istra.  Such accommodation is available in the towns of Pazin, Žminj and Motovun and many other villages in...


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