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In the centre of Lika, on the ledge near the river Novčica is located the town of Gospić. It is the economical, social, cultural and sports centre of the Licko - Senjska region.

The area of Gospic and it's surroundings it's inhabitated since prehistoric time, and as a proof of that there are many archeological findings. Many nations and governors passed trough this town and left a remarkable print on a nowadays development of Gospic. The name of the town was first mentioned in year 1604 and the name came from the word "Hospitium", which means hostel, inn.

The area of the town represents an extremely valuable ecological space that today has an exceptional significance.  The major value is a non-contaminated ground, which offers the possibility of the production of ecological healthful food. The whole area is an agricultural area.

In the old town is located one of the most famous statues of Gospić, a statue of a girl named Marta, which was placed as a memory of the introduction of an aqueduct.  In the surroundings of Gospic are located...


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