Veranstaltungen und Unterhaltung Insel Zirje

Unterhaltungsmöglichkeiten sind heute ein wesentlicher Bestandteil des Tourismus. Da der Tourismus fortschreitet , verbrachte die Notwendigkeit, für Inhalte zu Touristen Zeit es mehr Spaß und angenehme Weise. So aufgefordert , die Notwendigkeit für Entertainment-Inhalte eine Vielzahl von Projekten, die auf Dating-Touristen wie Theaterstücke konzentriert, Konzerte, Sportveranstaltungen , verschiedene Wettbewerbe, Festivals und viele andere. Breites Spektrum an Entertainment-Inhalten bieten wir Touristen gefüllt Urlaub und viele glückliche Erinnerungen.

Žirje is a small island located in the  Sibenik archipelago. It's 12Nm distant from the city of Sibenik. The island spreads from the north west to the south east and it's considered a natural prolongation of the islands Kornati. Zirje is connected with a main land by boat lines and trough the main season with ferry also.

The bays of Mala and Velika Stupica are natural barriers for the yachtsmen that are in search for peaceful spots while the divers will be thrilled by the surrounding underwater world, especially with a protected area in the bay of Koromasnja where is located an antique ship with anchors on 40 m of depth.  The island is surrounded by many little islands and the island has numerous bays and beautiful beaches on its own. Zirje is recognizable by its natural beauties, the crystal sea and few monuments that testify the history of the island. The most important agricultural activities are vine cultivation, olive trees growing and fruits especially the figs.

On the whole island there are signed bike tracks that allow reaching each...


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